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What's it all about?

The General Election is taking place in the United Kingdom on July 4th.  


Check here for your current constituency MP.

Enter your postcode here to find out which elections are taking place, who's standing, and where your polling station is. You can also find contact details for your local council.


Ask candidates what is your message to women asking for single sex care, sports, and services?

This is the third year that Women’s Rights Network is calling on politicians to “respect my sex”.

Over the past year there have been significant shifts:

  • In July 2023, Women’s Rights Network uncovered widespread evidence of rapes and sexual assaults across hospitals in England and Wales. We believe this underlines the need for single sex wards.

  • Guidance for schools published in December 2023 by the Department for Education promotes a ‘cautious approach’ to socially transitioning children and in particular ensuring that single-sex spaces and opportunities are protected including toilets, changing rooms and sports.

  • In January 2024, Women’s Rights Network uncovered an unlawful policy that allowed male officers to search women. This guidance has since been withdrawn.​

  • In April 2024, the Cass Review found that medical research into gender medicine was an area of ‘remarkably weak evidence’. As such, Cass warns that medical interventions including drugs and surgery should only offered under a research project and that overseas clinics should be avoided.

But political parties and candidates are still afraid of saying clearly that sex matters, and they use the excuse that they are not hearing about our concerns on the doorstep. 

We want to make sure they keep hearing that women’s rights and child safeguarding matter to people up and down the country.

Respect My Sex!

In the forthcoming election we are focusing on the need for single sex spaces, sports and services.

Respect My Sex if you want my X!


Speak or write to your candidate. This template is  a good start, but please personalise and add local stories. ​

Join WRN!

Join Women’s Rights Network - we will be distributing leaflets, talking to candidates and womanning high street stalls.

Women’s rights are not negotiable, and we will not vote for them to be given away. 

Respect My Sex if you want my X!

Order Our Leaflets!

Order our leaflets online.

Respect My Sex A6 leaflets are ideal for handing out in the run up to local and eventual national election!


Available in packs of 500 for £10.00


Price includes P&P

Display A Poster

While you can order our leaflets online. You can download them in a larger format to display as a poster.

Ask Your Candidate these Honesty Questions

Ask your candidate if they support women and girls.

What is your message to women asking for single sex care/sports/services?

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