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The Common Good

Today I was reflecting on my beliefs. Do they still make sense? Has anything changed? Am I right? I listened to Justin Welby this morning whilst on the school run. He was reflecting on the passing of HMQ Elizabeth II and he said ‘(great change is a time for saying) it’s not all about me, and that is especially true of our society, of the need for the common good.’

It made me think about my beliefs on this issue. Most of the issues I care about in this struggle do not directly impact me or my family, and whilst I worry about my children, I am inoculating them to this particular virus as best I can. I am one of the lucky ones, my children are young and I am forewarned, so I am forearmed.

So no, I am not in this fight for myself.

I am in this fight for the women in prison who have had no voice and who are treated as less than human. That a male in America can enter women’s cells, and the women will not be told if he has HIV, is a sex offender, or even that he is male, is staggering, inhumane. All those American prison officers do is give the women condoms, as if rape is inevitable. The women in prison at home and abroad, they are undoubtedly amongst society’s most marginalised, most ignored. So, I fight for them.

I fight too for the women, traumatised by rape, who are told there are no female-only services for them and even that they need to ‘reframe their trauma.’ Trans only and trans-inclusive rape counselling sessions are run but single-sex women-only are forbidden by many providers. Women who request them are deemed in some way bigoted. It is abhorrent.

I speak out too to help safeguard children from being indoctrinated into a cult which results in far too many autistic and gay children being medically sterilised. Which tells them not to trust their instincts and seeks to remove their boundaries. Which tells them not to believe the evidence of their own eyes, and that even questioning the new doctrine is ‘literal violence.’

I speak out too for women who are now excluding themselves from parts of society, including sport. Whether it is a question of religion, of safety, of privacy or dignity. I think about those women who no longer have a place to swim at Hampstead Heath because despite there being a mixed-sex pond, males identifying as women are demanding access to the women-only pond.

I fight because I understand that younger women often feel they cannot, many have lost their friends and some their education on this issue. Such examples silence dissent, no one wants to be next at the hands of the trans mob. I even fight for the young women who have been pulled into this gender cult, who have never known the reality of misogyny. They don’t yet appreciate how long and hard the struggle has been to get legal equality in this country, to be recognised as full human beings with the same rights as men.

So, for me this fight is about the common good. The common good of protecting and enabling women and children and LGB people. I recognise many in this fight are on the frontline including lesbians, sportswomen, rape victims, female inmates; and I stand in solidarity with you all.

This fight is against those who are only thinking of themselves. Those who say they need to pee/change/swim/convalesce with women, who are not even satisfied with mixed-sex spaces. The privileged few who want to colonise and invade, not because they need to, but because they want to. So, I say ‘no’ to the narcissists, the lobbyists and the virtue-signalling elitist enablers, and I say ‘no,’ not for myself, but for the many who cannot.

And to the silent majority? The ones paralysed by fear because they don’t want ‘to offend’, don’t want to ‘say the wrong thing’?

Buckle-up. It’s time to fight for the common good.



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